Sunday, December 8, 2013

First Snow 2013-2014

It snowed! 

At first, the kiddos were NOT interested in going outside. It was too cold and they did NOT want to have to bundle up. 

I have to admit, I LOVE the snow. 
From the inside. 
With a cup of hot chocolate and a good craft. 
Catch my drift? 
Why do I NEED to be in the snow? I don't want to ruin it with all my boot tracks. 
Yeah, that's it. Preserving the beauty. 
*Wink, wink*

The next day it was bright and beautiful. The kids were ready to work. 

 Along with the snow, we had an awesome onslaught of COLD. We needed firewood! 
The awesome hubs went to work outside splitting wood.

The kids were there to help,!

Of course, the animals felt left out ;-)

It was a great day at home.
I need to keep the calendar open more often.

bring on the cold

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James 3:2

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