Friday, December 13, 2013

Daddy's Birthday and Christmas Tree Lane

Tuesday was my handsome hubby's birthday.
He thinks he's so old, haha.
That's okay, makes me feel young.
(We're only a year apart)

We had some awesome friends take us out to dinner to celebrate
It was awesome!
But I swear, everyone and there brother were having birthdays on the same night.
Every time the servers would start singing their awesomely annoying Happy Birthday song anywhere near our table, the hubs would turn bright red. 
It was a super fun game for the rest of us at the table, heehee.
But, eventually, he got his come uppance.
(And ice cream)

And, just because I'm twisted like that...

A jalapeno on a stick!

We also had some incredibly awesome kiddos with us
 Look at those good looking guys!
But that's okay, the cutie patootie in the front makes up for the Football coma

And, here's the partial gang
No mommies
(Isn't that how it always works?)

Then we were due for CHRISTMAS TREE LANE!
My hubs thought it wouldn't be crowded because it was a weeknight
Eventually we got there.

But partial, freezing cold, and crowded fun was had by all.
(Remind me not to walk Christmas Tree Lane again)

And... What the?!?!

Not sure what the message was there?

We got through about two thirds of the walk and we were DONE.
Kiddos were tired
Adults were tired
Hot chocolate was cold
(Biggest tragedy)

So now we say goodbye to Christmas Tree Lane
We may or may not see you next year.


Next year, we are finding a new Christmas light spot

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